Financial Information Incorporated (FII) was established in 1911 and for over 100 years has been the leading provider of Corporate Actions and Historical Reference Services.

FII clients consist of Banks, Brokerage and Accounting Firms, Law Offices, Government Agencies, College and Public Libraries and Private Investors.

FII’s Corporate Actions and Historical Reference Services are the premier source of data servicing the financial industry and considered to be the most comprehensive, accurate and timely available. FII is the creator and publisher of the Annual Guide to Stocks, which is known as the "Bible" to the securities industry.

FII offers real-time data products, high-speed data delivery methods and high-tech data management systems. FII has compiled a vast network of information sources and has established solid relationships within the financial community.

Exchange Data International helps the global financial and investment community make informed decisions through the provision of fast, accurate, timely and affordable data reference services.

EDI’s extensive content database includes worldwide equity and fixed income corporate actions, dividends, static reference data, closing prices and shares outstanding, delivered via data feeds or the Internet.

The firm covers all major markets and has recently expanded its data coverage to include Economic Data.

EDI’s professional sales, support, and data/research teams deliver the lowest cost of ownership whilst at the same time being the most responsive to client requests. EDI has achieved internationally recognized quality and security certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, we have staff in Canada, Germany, India, Morocco, South Africa and the United States.